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The best smartphones of 2017

I've been asked this question way too often in 2018, so I figure, I better just write up a post the best smartphones of...
iPhone X tips and tricks

Tricks you should know if you own the iPhone X

If you are one of the first Malaysians owning an Apple iPhone X today, well congratulations, because you get one of the most expensive...
iPhone X Malaysia Price

3 Malaysian telcos would carry the iPhone X in Malaysia for now

Despite the problems plaguing the iPhone X, there is definitely many out there, especially hard core Apple iPhone fans just waiting to have the...
Iphone 8 splitting

Two more problems pop-up with the iPhone X, do you still want one?

Barely days after it was reported that the iPhone X screens freeze at zero degrees, two new issues have been reported with the highly...
The Apple logo

Apple X is freezing up, but Apple says “Don’t worry”

Belum apa-apa, and the Apple iPhone X is already reporting problems. According to GSM Arena, there's reports that the OLED display of the iPhone X can get...
Alleged images of the Mi Mix 2S

Rumours say the Mi Mix 2S will look like the iPhone X

Everyone knows Xiaomi is trying hard to imitate Apple when it comes to smartphones and computers, but latest 'so called' leaked images of the...
Iphone X release

Malaysians can buy the Apple iPhone X on 24 Nov

I'm not a huge fan of Apple iPhones, but I know there's quite a number of iPhone fans out there, so this is for...
iPhone X drop test

The iPhone X survives drop test, perhaps Apple’s most durable phone

The iPhone X is one of the most expensive smartphones out there, and there's good reason to that. On top of being made from stainless...
The Apple logo

iPhone X is faster than any Android flagships

While Android fans, who traditionally aren't Apple fans continue to crush the new iPhone line-up, particularly the iPhone X, a bench mark by Geekbench...

Thoughts: Apple iPhone X – A challenger to Android flagship phones?

Apple has always been left behind in terms of specifications and hardware since Android started, making their phones far less superior if compared in...