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iPhone X drop test
iPhone X drop test

The iPhone X survives drop test, perhaps Apple’s most durable phone

The iPhone X is one of the most expensive smartphones out there, and there’s good reason to that.

On top of being made from stainless steel, it is by far, one of the most durable iPhone ever released by Apple these few years.

Of all the test I’ve watched online, the iPhone X seems to be working well, including one of the most frequent incidents which could happen to a smartphone, a drop.

The video below shows how the iPhone X survives through numerous drop test, and interestingly, still comes out functioning, albeit the fact it did malfunction at the end of the video.

The same couldn’t be said about the iPhone 8, which cracked after the drop was over a meter high.

This is good news for iPhone X users as Apple is charging a whopping USD549 (RM2,337) for repairs of the glass if needed, which to me is absurd, considering that it is enough to buy a new iPhone 8.

Three other test by JerryRigEverything‘s below shows the phone also withstanding the bend and scratch test up to certain levels, with the phone lasting 25 seconds on the burn test.

The result is pretty good, really.

You can nonetheless ignore the burn test because how many of us are going to burn our iPhone X’s, right? At over RM5K, you’d save the iPhone before anything else if there was a fire.

I’m sort of impressed by the results for the iPhone X durability, but I also can’t help, is it worth the money? Lazada’s may be already selling the iPhone X if you are interested, but there’s also other iPhones which are, say, cheaper.