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Iphone X release
Iphone X release

Malaysians can buy the Apple iPhone X on 24 Nov

I’m not a huge fan of Apple iPhones, but I know there’s quite a number of iPhone fans out there, so this is for you.

If you already have some RM5.2K stored under your pillow, just waiting to buy the iPhone X when its finally reaching Malaysia, well… it’s time to count those notes of cash you have and make sure it’s enough because the iPhone X is coming to Malaysia this 24th November.

What does this mean really?

It means you get to touch, hold, and buy the physical iPhone X at local Apple stores with the money you just saved.  Malaysia has been listed as one of the 13 other countries receiving the iPhone X on that date.

The  5.8-inch display dual-camera smartphone is currently the most hyped about smartphone by Apple as it is significantly different from the previous versions, which include surviving several durability and drop test, and having newer improvements which Samsung just had to mock in a US based advert.

But before you Apple iPhone fans go dragging out your once a year make-shift tents to camp out Apple stores, be very sure you have at least RM5,149 to buy the iPhone X. You don’t want the long wait to go to waste, don’t you.