iPhone X Malaysia Price
iPhone X Malaysia Price

3 Malaysian telcos would carry the iPhone X in Malaysia for now

Despite the problems plaguing the iPhone X, there is definitely many out there, especially hard core Apple iPhone fans just waiting to have the device in their hands.

That’s why I am updating you about the iPhone X.  It’s good for readership anyway.

For those of you who are keen to buy the iPhone X, Umobile, Celcom and Digi have confirmed the device is coming to their stores with Umobile and Celcom allowing you to register your interest.  Since it’s just a registration effort, perhaps for stocking purposes, you aren’t oblige to buy the phone, and the iPhone X price isn’t available.

Digi on the other hand only shows that the iPhone X is coming soon to their store without any pre-registration page.

Both Umobile and Digi however noted that pre-orders, in which will likely also feature bundle plans, will begin on the 17th, so that’s just two days away.

I do expect Maxis to also join in the iPhone X frenzy, but for now, there’s no indication just yet from the telco associated with green.

Regardless, the iPhone X starts at RM5,149 on the Apple Malaysia website, and sales is set on the 24th November.