Xiaomi takes immediate action to address Oreo bugs

The MiA1 is Xiaomi's first AndroidOne smartphone
The MiA1 is Xiaomi's first AndroidOne smartphone

The Oreo update for the popular Xiaomi MiA1 was filled with many bugs that Xiaomi decided to halt the update last Friday.

According to reports, problems came in Bluetooth battery drain, random reboots, slow functionality and and more.

I also faced some problems with my phone upon my update with the phone seriously being unstable once I was on Oreo.

But the good news is that barely after a week, Xiaomi is releasing a patch for the problems in their January security patch for the problem.

The update is only 89MB, so it would be a very speedy update for those with highspeed internet, but if you have yet to update your phones to Oreo, then be prepared to download 1,112MB worth of data.

Oh, if you phone didn’t update to the latest January update, wait a couple of days and go to System Update > Check for Update again as the updates are rolling out in stages.