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Oukitel K10 Black
Oukitel K10 Black

Oukitel K10, the smartphone that can stay on for 42 days without charging

If you find yourself always having issues with the battery life of your current phone, then the Oukitel K10 is a good option.

The phone has a massive 11,000mAh ‘SCUD’ battery that can last for over 90 hours on a single use, which is equal to almost four days!

On standby, the battery life is said to reach as long as 1008 hours, which is equal to 42 days!

To prove it’s battery consumption, watch the video below.

Powering up the 11,000mAh SCUD battery is also a breeze because the Oukitel K10 comes with quick charge abilities, enabling it to be fully charged in about 2 hours when you plug it into a USB-B charging cable.

Of course that’s not the only features of the Oukitel K10.

The Oukitel K10 fits today’s trend by offering 6-inch FHD+ 18:9 full display, and comes with a fingerprint scanner, face recognition ability, and NFC support with a MediaTek P23 Octa-core processor.

The powerful processor is paired with 6GB of RAM and 64GB storage space, hence ensuring everything feels snappy when you are using it with the included Android 7.1 operating system.

Cameras of Oukitel K10
Cameras of Oukitel K10

For photo enthusiast, the said Samsung 3P3 21MP + 8MP dual shooter is located at the back of the phone, while the front shooter comes also with dual camera functionality with a combination of 13MP + 8MP.

Interestingly, Oukitel also decided to wrap the back of its Oukitel K10 phone with leather, making it stand out from the rest.

There’s two colours available for choice, one being black and the other gold.

Oukitel K10 pomo price
Oukitel K10 pomo price until 22 Jan 2018

The Oukitel K10 is usually priced at RM1,188 (US299.99), but if you get it before 22 January 2018 on GearBest could save you RM250 (US50), shipping included.