Watch HONOR Magic V2 being disassembled

You can now see the HONOR Magic V2 being disassembled as HONOR will release an exclusive video on their HONOR Malaysia’s Facebook page this January 26 to showcase just that.

The video showcases the process, starting from removing the phone’s back cover then followed by revealing each component that make the smartphone possible.

The HONOR Magic V2 was reconstructed with 210 patented technologies.

According to the company, the disassembly highlights the device’s groundbreaking 5000mAh dual-cell silicon carbon battery, a technological marvel originally utilized in electric vehicle (EV) like those in Tesla.

With an average thickness of only 2.72mm, this ultra-thin battery positions HONOR as a pioneer in advanced battery technology within the foldable phone landscape.

The video is said to also compares the battery’s thinness to an RFID card and a 5.33mm card holder.

In the meantime, this world’s thinnest and lightest inward foldable phone will be officially sold in stores nationwide starting January 25.

It retails at RM6,999, boasts a substantial 16+512GB storage capacity and comes in three premium color options of Black, Purple, and Black (PU).