TM’s new telco Unifi Mobile is here, how is it different?

Unifi Mobile logo
Unifi Mobile logo

There’s ‘sort of’ a new telco in town, and it’s called ‘Unifi Mobile’.

I say sort of because Unifi Mobile is actually a re-branded webe, the telco which is owned by Telekom Malaysia (TM).

Despite being a re-branded webe, the new Unifi Mobile is different as it a new, 100% digital telco, serviced almost entirely via an app.

This means that you can do almost everything using the Unifi Mobile app, and skip those troublesome trips to the nearest TM Point.

Perhaps you may wonder what’s the difference between webe and Unifi Mobile, or should I just call it UM since I’m now feeling the pain typing the name out.

Well, for once, I noticed that UM now doesn’t offer unlimited internet like webe did. Instead, new sign-ups get 20GB of LTE data with their new SIM. This 20GB is said to be a promotional offer until 30 March.

I also would like to note that Unifi Mobile, unlike webe, is completely prepaid for now.

Also, while the SIMcard is free, but you need to order it through the app, in which delivery charges would apply.  You can also opt to choose the your number, which isn’t exactly a new feature, but still, quite cool since you can do it yourself.

The new SIMpack would include the following:

  • 20GB (LTE only) during promotion period
  • 50MB (3G/LTE data)
  • 10 minutes call (all networks)
  • 10 SMS (all networks)

It’s not as ‘free’ as webe, but additional data packages are available are as seen below:

Unifi Mobile data plans
Unifi Mobile data plans

These additional data packages, purchasable via the UM app also, can be used until the last byte, meaning there’s no cut off limit.  However, it is also worth to note that the line will remain active up to 90 days, in which no reload on the number would see the line terminated entirely.

This means, if you still have data on the 90th day, and you’ve not reloaded your line, the data would be forfeited, but if you do reload, you can still enjoy the data, as long as your line is active. This is a great thing if you ask me because I really hate it when I need to use up all my date just because the data itself has an expiry date.

UM uses the 850Mhz spectrum, so before you sign up, be sure your phone or tablet supports such spectrum.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to sign up for webe when they were still around, but I couldn’t get myself to pay RM79 (without GST) for their services, despite the fact they offered unlimited internet data, calls and SMSM.

With UM, it took me just a second to consider the telco because it enabled me to choose my number, and the option of having my ‘data available for as long as my line is active (which was 90 days)‘ works well for me as having the telco as an option for a second line.

How will UM fare, specifically in Kuching you may ask? Well, I’ll let you know once I get the SIM and try it out.

Need more info? Check out Unifi Mobile website.