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vivo V30 workshop in Kuching highlights Gawai celebration

As mentioned previously, vivo held a special workship recently in Kuching.

The event was held in celebration of vivo’s 10th anniversary, indirectly showcasing the brand’s commitment to reaching all corners of the country.

According to the brand’s statement, photography enthusiasts from across the state converged for an activity that captured Sarawak’s unique beauty.

vivo said this initiative wasn’t just about celebrating a milestone for vivo; it underlined the brand’s dedication to engaging local communities and fostering creativity through innovative technologies.

The workshop also highlighted a successful collaboration between vivo Malaysia and the Sarawak Cultural Village with the workshop also aimed at promoting Sarawak’s rich culture and heritage.

Over 30 participants attended the workshop and received expert guidance from renowned photographer Huayi on using the latest vivo V30 series to capture the vibrant moments of the Sarawak Gawai Festival.

The event also offered an opportunity to experience the powerful portrait capabilities of the vivo V30 series, designed to instantly capture stunning photos.

The vivo workshop in Kuching not only celebrated vivo Malaysia’s milestone anniversary but also provided a platform to highlight and preserve Sarawak’s cultural heritage through the art of photography.

This upcoming Saturday, 8 June 2024, there will be a second session of the photography workshop in Penang, at the Penang Wonderfood Museum, in collaboration with local media outlet, Penang Holiao.

Registration for this weekend’s event can be done here.