HONOR Watch GS3 review: A personal trainer on my wrist

This HONOR Watch GS3 review is done after I received the smartwatch on a loan from HONOR.

For this HONOR Watch GS3 review, I ensured I used the smartwatch in numerous different conditions, including exercising so that I could give my own objective opinion to be shared here.

That said, this HONOR Watch GS3 review hopefully will be helpful to help those of you considering a smartwatch or the HONOR Watch GS3 as a smartwatch.

Design and comfort

There’s three colours to choose from when it comes to this Watch GS3, namely Midnight Black, Classic Gold and Ocean Blue.

I got the Ocean Blue, and I must say I like what I first saw.

I am always favourable towards a circular watch and the Watch GS3 is just that. The fully polished 316L stainless steel watch body adds elegance to the watch and the 22mm Blue nappa calfskin strap makes it not only look premium, but classy.

The screen of the watch is a bright fingerprint resistant 1.43” AMOLED full-screen touchscreen and it looks ridiculously sharp and amazing even under the sun.

Aside from that, there’s 13 pre-loaded watch styles to choose from, but with the Honor Health App, I can get an additional number of watch faces which include customizable ones.

The watch only weighs 44g and is not the lightest out there. However, considering what it packs, the weight is very minimal.

On the wrist, the watch is comfortable and to me, that slight weight does make it feel kind of premium as well.

Usability and Connectivity

The Watch GS3 works only with Android devices which are able to install the HONOR Health App. That said, I used the HONOR X9 to test this watch.

While I could connect it to my iPhone 12, there’s very little I could do with the watch since it’s functions are mostly accessible through the HONOR Health App.

Pairing the watch with the HONOR Health App was nonetheless easy and smooth. The watch was ready for use within a minute of setting up.

In terms of function, the Honor Watch GS 3 brings SpO2, heart rate, sleep and stress tracking.

The company claims there is eight-channel PPG sensors used on the GS3 and these sensors can deliver 97% minimum accuracy for heart rate readings together with all day blood oxygen measurements.

There’s also over 100 workout modes to choose from and a route tracking feature included as well. The GPS takes a few seconds to lock location and the automatic activity detection is a hit and miss.

Despite that, during my workout with the watch, the readings seem pretty accurate and the watch informed me of every milestone I reached via voice. Neat!

Accessing health information and tracking was easy as it was largely just swiping sideways and scrolling up and down, with more detailed info obtained from the Health App. Swiping and scrolling using the watch face was smooth and there were no signs of lag.

When it comes to notification, notifications from apps on my HONOR X9 do reach the watch, but the number of replies is rather limited.

The watch has a built in speaker and microphone, and receiving a call is possible when the GS3 is connected to the phone via Bluetooth. During my test, the sound is adequate but is no where near what you get from a smartphone or earbuds.

There’s also a 4GB local storage for music to be stored in the watch, and pair the watch with the HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro (which I was also testing), to listen to music directly from the watch.

I love this function since it means I can leave my phone away when I workout and just rely on my watch for music. The only problem is transferring music to the watch through the Health App is slow.

The top button of the watch serves to help with navigation on the watch while the second lower button is to quickly access the workout options.  Its worth to note that could change the way the second button functions.

I think my favourite feature available in the HONOR Watch GS3 is the fitness course options. It’s really useful if I wanted to get into a certain type of fitness routine.

In fact, there’s also cartoon figures to show how each course needs to be done, and an instructor which tells you what to do.

Watch Faces

As mentioned above, there’s 13 pre-loaded watch styles and you also can choose another 11 Always on Displays.

With the HONOR Health app I could get even more styles.

I can also create a custom watch face, but the options available from the Watch face market in the Health App are already pretty decent especially those listed under ‘Business’.

Battery Life

The HONOR Watch GS3 last for about 4 days when I switched on most of its automated functions.

However, if I use it in default setting and close some automated functions, it can likely last for the 14 days HONOR claims.

Despite that, the watch does only need five minutes of charge to get enough power for a whole day of usage, so I personally think battery life is not a problem if one owned this watch.


That said, I think the Watch GS3 is quite a steal considering it’s price tag of RM899.

It has a good battery life, and I really love its fitness functions.

My only problem with the watch is how it fails to connect with iOS hence leaving it stuck to those with Android.


Where to buy

If you are interested to buy the HONOR Watch GS3, the links below will send you directly to online stores offering you the watch, sometimes at promotional prices.