Unifi website
The welcome page of the new site under TM.

TM’s convergence = UNIFI?

Since last week, Telekom Malaysia (TM) has been abuzz with activities.

For me, it started with the re-branding of webe to Unifi on Malaysia Day, and now, it seems everything is starting to be renamed Unifi.


First, of course, was the change of Service Provider Name (SPN) for webe as I mentioned above. Now, all webe customers will spot the Unifi as their SPN instead.

Then, today, I was informed that the old TM website used for bills has been altered, removed and changed with TM’s new website. The new website looks much simpler than previous ones TM had, and it focused a lot on ‘unifi’. In fact, the domain name itself is unifi.com.my.

If you scroll down to the footer, there’s hyperlinks to different products as usual, but this is where I noticed something else, which is the webe site is now offline, or inaccessible, showing an image below.

webe website
The webe website was not accessible at 4PM today.

Adding to the changes is the re-branding of TM’s public hotspot from TM Wifi to Wifi@unifi in which you can use the wifi at over 4,000 places nationwide with speeds up to 4Mbps.

According to the announcement, wifi@unifi will provide free unlimited access to all until the end of 2017, and registration is free for now.  Old IDs with TM wifi are however invalid for use.

wifi at Unifi
wifi@unifi is the new TM wifi.

With all the changes seen, my gut tells me that TM is converging their website so that everything would be branded as ‘unifi’ in the near future, but there’s no official announcement of this just yet.


Personally, I’ve never liked the name ‘unifi’ regardless of what it means, and there’s only one reason to this, which is how it is said. 

Unifi can be said out loud as ‘Uni-fee’, or ‘Uni-fy’… because there’s really no right or wrong when it comes to saying ‘fi’.

The same goes to the name ‘webe’, which could be mentioned differently, based on how you decide to pronounce the ‘e’.

The best name TM ever came up to me was ‘Streamyx’, and I thought the ‘x’ at the end made it sound cooler.

That said, it’s a bit too bad that Streamyx would soon be a thing of a past, especially with the whole of Malaysia soon to be on Unifi fiber. – phonesentral.com