My first impression of the CMF Buds Pro

Like the CMF Watch Pro, the CMF Buds Pro was just recently released in Malaysia, and I am lucky as well to get my hands on the Buds Pro to do a review.

The in-depth review will come on a later date and this post is strategically about my first impression of the Buds Pro as soon as I opened it from it’s sealed box.

Box and package

The packaging of the CMF Buds Pro is similar to the Watch Pro, retaining that unique packaging characteristics for a technologically advance device.

The package opens like a book, and inside there’s two things I can’t miss, the white charging case and the rectangular looking collection of instuctions, charging cable and ear tips.

The left of the box keeps things simple, with major components of the charging case and earbuds through an image on the box.

The case has this nice matte finish which looks very elegent, with the chrome rear looking slightly out of place.

Under the chrome rear there’s a USB-C charging port, and up-front there’s the indicator lamp which tells how much power the case has left.

Opening the charging case reveal the earbuds, with the experience of opening it feeling a bit like I am going to propose to someone especially when left with it’s lid open as seen below.

The indicator lamp greets the opening with a white subtle light which is pleasing as the chrome back gets completely hidden.

The arangement of the buds within the charging case allows the CMF logo to be seen with the earbuds looking rested for use.  There’s a set-up button nicely placed under the handle of the earbuds.

In terms of weight, the charging case with the earbuds come at just 54.1g.

The CMF Buds Pro

The earbuds handle or grip has a similar matte finish like the casing. It’s easy to pick up, and doesn’t leave fingerprint smudges.

The head of the earbuds itself however is glossy, which can be slippery when handled. It seems to attract some slight dust, but it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Both earbuds snap easily onto the case and stay in place despite.  With the case shutting easily, and the fact the earbuds do stay in place, I don’t see the earbuds falling out of place that easily.

On the top end of the handle, there’s two holes, and there’s a black line on the earbud head itself.

Unboxing video

To see the unboxing I did of the CMF Buds Pro, see the video below.  The video will give you a better idea the Buds Pro.


My first impressions on the CMF Buds Pro is relatively positive.

I like the the matte finish on the case and the earbud handle. I personally favour the circular shape of the case, and how the Buds Pro looks very minimalist.

I will dive deeper into how the CMF Buds Pro functions and performs in my next post of full review, but until that post is out, feel free to check out the links below.