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Areas in Siburan and Padawan soon to have unifi Fibre Broadband

More areas in the semi-rural areas of Siburan and Padawan will likely soon enjoy unifi Fibre Broadband.

According to sources, TM, which owns unifi, is seeking to expand the fixed fiber broadband service to Siburan and also nearby villages.

Due to this, agents of the telcos are seeking those interested to registered their interest to further encourage the installation of such services within the area.

The villages we noticed now have unifi coverage are:

  • Kampung Git, Padawan
  • Kampung Duras Batu 16, Siburan
  • Kampung Jawa Batu 12, Siburan
  • Kampung Prutan, Padawan
  • Kampung Bratan, Padawan
  • Kampung Emperoh Git, Padawan
  • Kampung Mambong, Padawan
  • Kampung Siga, Siburan
  • PULAPOL, Padawan
  • Taman Batu Gong, Siburan
  • Kampung Rituh Siburan
  • Idaman Prima, Siburan
  • Kampung Seratau, Siburan
  • Kampung Sinjok, Siburan
  • Taman Kota Padawan
  • Taman Padawan, Padawan
  • Kampung Quap, Padawan
  • Kampung Serasang Quap, Padawan
  • SK St Alban Duras, Siburan

There may be more areas which are now considered for unifi, and those interested can fill in their interest via the official unifi website.

Hopefully with a lot of interest, the installation of unifi in Siburan and Padawan will be faster, particularly during this MCO period.


unifi Broadband Packages in Siburan and Padawan

There’s quite a number of UNIFI Broadband Packages to choose from.

According to UNIFI’s website, all packages under its fibre plan come with a 24 month contract, with packages bundled with unifiTV and without the unifiTV.

The packages without the unifiTV start from RM79 as seen below.

As you can see, the cheapest plan at RM79/month, only provides only 60GB internet.

Packages bundles with unifiTV on the other hand start at RM149/month as you can see below.

unifiTV is a streaming service which allows you to watch all free-to-air television stations, as well as selected channels which are included in the unifiTV package.  It is almost like ASTRO, so if you you have the later, you might want to opt out of taking the bundle.

The third package, which includes Mesh Wi-Fi, starts from RM249/month at speeds above 500mpbs. Mesh Wi-Fi improves Wi-Fi connectivity in a house which means you will have close to no blind spots for the Wi-Fi.

The packages offered can be seen below.

For a small house, I would not recommend this bundle unless you want the 500Mbps speeds.  On top of that, high speeds like these are likely not available in villages.

Booking installation of unifi Fibre Broadband

To get any of the unifi plans above, you can contact a local unifi reseller.

You can also order your unifi package by submitting your application to unifi.

If you are worried about unifi availability in your area, don’t worry. Just fill in the application form, and unifi will check if your area will be served.

If it’s not, unifi will likely use your application for a database to bring in the service to your area in the future as there is demand. So, just fill you application despite not knowing if the service is available.