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Unifi Mobile Postpaid starts as low as RM19 per month!

TM has introduced their latest offering, the Unifi Mobile Postpaid.

The new postpaid is very attractive as it starts at only RM19 per month.

RM19 is lower than keeping a pre-paid account and I think this is what TM is trying to do; enticing prepaid users to migrate to their services.


There’s five packages to choose from with Unifi Mobile Postpaid. Each caters for different level of usage and user.

The cheapest is the of course only RM19/month, and it comes with 2GB data with 5min calls and 25 SMS, which is pretty basic.

As you add RM10 to each plan, you get bigger internet quota and call bundles, but the best value according to TM is the unifi Mobile 59 package which comes with 10GB worth of internet and 100 calls and 25 mins SMS.

If you drain data on a daily basis, the unifi Mobile 99 is the best option as it comes with unlimited internet data, calls and SMS.

Unifi Mobile Postpaid plans
Unifi Mobile Postpaid plans

If you ask me, the best part about all these Unifi Mobile Postpaid plans is that its contract free, so you can migrate or terminate the services if you are not happy.


I do own a Unifi Mobile number, and I can say the coverage is not too bad.  Yes, the speeds of the internet may not match up with Maxis, or even Celcom or Digi for that matter, but it does offer great value for money.

Coverage is also adequate, covering most major cities and places with Celcom network.

For those in Sarawak, I know major cities are covered and I believe more coverage is coming as TM pushes this mobile arm of theirs.


So what happens if you finish your device quota?

Like all Postpaid services, Unifi Mobile Postpaid allows you to top up or buy extra services when you need it. The rates offered are competitive as you can see below.

To me, the options provided by Unifi Mobile Postpaid is pretty sweet, and I can’t deny I am considering to either get one line, or migrate one of my postpaid numbers to them.