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TP-Links Neffos P1 has a built in HD projector

The Neffos P1 is probably TP-Links most exciting addition to its Neffos smartphone brand. The new and groundbreaking Neffos P1 boasts a built-in projector for...
Neffos X1

Neffos brings in new X1 Lite, offers 2 year warranty for 8 smartphones models

Usually, cheap smartphones are cheap because they are made of lower quality material and less impressive specifications, and a one year warranty is the...
Neffos N1

Dual-camera Neffos N1 introduced at IFA 2017

TP-Link's smartphone brand Neffos has finally unveiled the Neffos N1 with dual camera capabilities at the on-going IFA 2017. The N1 is Neffos' first dual-camera...