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Neffos X1
Neffos X1

Neffos brings in new X1 Lite, offers 2 year warranty for 8 smartphones models

Usually, cheap smartphones are cheap because they are made of lower quality material and less impressive specifications, and a one year warranty is the best warranty you could get for such a smartphone.

Neffos however is breaking that standard practice by offering their smartphones, some, priced as low as RM299 with a two year warranty and a three months one-on-one replacement guarantee.

According to a press release I received, eight smartphones by Neffos would get the privileges I mentioned, with the Neffos X1 and Neffos X1 Max variants getting an additional one year screen crack warranty valid from  the day of purchase.

Quite a deal, right? But that’s not even the best news.

According to Neffos, all the eight models, would cost not more than RM899, thanks to a massive price reduction.

Neffos X1 promo
Neffos X1 promo

For your reference, the Neffos models offered with all the goodies mentioned are seen below:

Neffos Y50 – RM 299.00 (previously RM 349.00)
Neffos Y5 – RM 399.00 (previously RM 449.00)
Neffos C5 Max – RM 499.00 (previously RM 599.00)
Neffos X1 Lite – RM 499.00 (best seller)
Neffos X1 16GB – RM 599.00 (previously RM 699.00)
Neffos X1 32GB – RM 699.00 (previously RM 849.00)
Neffos X1 Max 32GB – RM 799.00 (previously RM 899.00)
Neffos X1 Max 64GB – RM 899.00 (previously RM 1199.00)


Of course if you ask me, a tech junkie, I would prefer highly recommend the Neffos X1 Max with 64GB of storage, because the phone is paired with 4GB of RAM which is good enough for today’s standard.

Priced at RM899, the Neffos X1 Max not only has a larger screen and bigger battery, but it also has a faster MTK Helio P10 MT6755 Quadcore processor.  On top of that, the 13MP rear camera is powered by the Sony IMX258 sensor, making it perfect for taking photos which are a daily routine for many nowadays.

Neffos X1 camera specification
Neffos X1 camera specification

However, if you are budget cautious, I would ask you to go for the Neffos X1 Lite simply because it runs on the newer Android 7.0 and has a faster processor compared to the Neffos C5 Max which is equally priced at RM499.

My suggestion is however based on the specifications as I am not able to give you a complete review of the phone as I have not used one myself.


Neffos is quite well known nowadays, so you could get it at the traditional brick and mortar smartphone shop around town.

However, if online shopping is your preferred option, the Neffos Official store on Lazada Malaysia is the place to check up, or you could also go to 11Street.