TP-Links Neffos P1 has a built in HD projector

The Neffos P1 is probably TP-Links most exciting addition to its Neffos smartphone brand.

The new and groundbreaking Neffos P1 boasts a built-in projector for viewing HD content on a wall with a screen size of up to 200 inches.

With the Neffos P1, Neffos invites consumers to expand their world with an innovative device that embraces productivity and portability just as much as it does its multimedia capabilities.



To project content directly from the hardware, the P1 uses American military-grade micro-electro-mechanical system or MEMS laser technology and a three-color beam light to produce a clear and high-resolution picture on a flat wall or screen.

Neffos P1

When the distance between the phone and the surface it is projecting on is 1.8 meters, the screen size is estimated to reach 70 inches. As the phone gets farther away from the surface, the size increases and can go up to 200 inches.

What’s more, it features intelligent picture correction, so the user doesn’t have to do any extra fiddling with a knob or slider to align the picture with the wall or screen when the phone is positioned at an awkward angle. Regardless of how it is mounted, the projected image will always form a rectangle.

To produce the most vivid and detailed picture possible, with deep blacks and bright highlights, the Neffos P1 achieves a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, which is much higher than what a standard digital-light-processing or DLP projector is capable of producing. The typical DLP projector has a native contrast ratio of 400:1. The Neffos P1’s superior contrast ratio allows for striking visuals in high definition.


Additionally, the P1 is capable of displaying a much wider range of color compared to most other devices using a different technology to project an image on a surface. It supports 150 percent of the NTSC color space, whereas DLP and LED projectors support between 90 percent and 128 percent color gamut in NTSC. The color gamut of the regular LCD TV covers only 60 percent of the NTSC space.

The said wider color gamut means that content creators — filmmakers and app developers, in particular — are able to display their works in a way that is true to their vision.

Neffos P1

The small MEMS projector built into the Neffos P1 also consumes less power, enabling the device to project an image continuously for up to four hours on a single charge of the 4,000mAh battery.

And incredibly, despite housing a projector that can throw a 200-inch image to a wall or screen, the P1 is only 10mm thick and weighs only 203 grams. Those particulars make for a portable and lightweight smartphone-slash-projector that can slip into a person’s pocket or bag easily.


As for the rest of the hardware, the P1 packs an octa-core processor, coupled with dual-core Mali-T860 graphics and 4GB RAM for consistently fluid experiences when gaming, multitasking, or performing a demanding task. It also sports a massive 5.5-inch, 1080p display that sets the standard for immersive and quality visuals in its price range.

The Neffos P1 is expected to go on sale in selected markets later this year.