Dual-camera Neffos N1 introduced at IFA 2017

Neffos N1
Poster of the Neffos N1 as seen on Neffos Global Facebook page.

TP-Link’s smartphone brand Neffos has finally unveiled the Neffos N1 with dual camera capabilities at the on-going IFA 2017.

The N1 is Neffos’ first dual-camera phone, having 12MP lens planted to it’s rear cameras, and a 8MP lens used for its front selfie camera.

The 5.5-inch screen produces sharp displays at 1080p resolution and it has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space, a fingerprint reader.

Neffos N1 smartphone
The Neffos N1 photo as released to press. Some say it looks like the Huawei P10.

According to Neffos, they intend to “strike the perfect balance between smart technology and stylish design”, and they have rightly done so with the Neffos N1.

It is unsure how much the N1 would cost in Malaysia just yet, but I don’t expect it to burn your pocket as Neffos does come rather mid-range priced.

Neffos when contacted said that the Neffos N1 will be available in Malaysia in February 2018.  – phonesentral.com