Kyocera Duraforce Ultra 5G is the most durable smartphone in 2021

Screen cap from: JRE

The rather unknown Kyocera Duraforce Ultra 5G is the most durable smartphone in 2021 according to YouTube channel JerryRigsEverything.

The channel, which is hosted Zack Nelson, is famed for doing durability test on numerous brands and models of smartphones with the best one named the most durable at the end of the year.

This time around, Zack noted that it wasn’t a good year for smartphones as more smartphones failed his durability test in comparison to 2020.

his durability test consist of test the screen scratch test, the fire test, and the bend test.

In the video, Zack summed up that the rather unknown Fairphone 4 smartphone was the most repairable smartphone as it was designed to be torn apart.

He also said that Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max to be the least repairable smartphone largely due to it’s rear glass which comes in one piece, and the different screw sizes which hold the device together.

In terms of innovation, Zack commented that there wasn’t many ‘crazy’ innovations in 2021, and gave ‘Most innovative smartphone to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3.

He justified the Korean smartphone deserved it as it not only improved in terms of how the smartphone folded, but the company also managed to waterproof it.

In terms of being breakable, the least wanted award went to the Lenovo Legion Dual 2 which broke in half almost immediately during his durability test.

This was as opposed to the Kyocera Duraforce Ultra 5G which Zack named as the most durable smartphone for 2021.

The popular youtuber noted that the Kyocera smartphone not only can survive a five foot fall due to its rubberized body, but also is scratch proof due to the sapphire display.

In addition to that, the smartphone is made to be not only water resistant like most smartphones, but to be water proof.

You can watch the full video of JerryRigsEverything below for more details.