Samsung Galaxy Buds2 review

This Samsung Galaxy Buds2 review will focus on my personal opinion when using the buds for my daily use.

For your information, this review is done after using the buds for two days.

Design and comfort

The variant I obtained was white, and it looked simple, neat and nice.

The charging case is a nice glossy case which is pleasing to the eye.  It’s smaller than my palm, so it’s pretty ‘cute’.  At first glance, it does look like a ring case.

Opening the case can be slightly tricky because its slippery and small, but you wouldn’t need to prey it open with a crowbar.

Even more slippery and small is the Galaxy Buds2 itself which requires slight effort to take them out of the charging case. Also, you don’t need a crowbar for this task, but if you are in a rush, it can be annoying.

Comfort when wearing the earbuds nonetheless is obvious as it just fits in my ear perfectly, like soulmates.

This makes these earbuds perfect to use in bed especially if you tend to lie on one side like I do. There’s a slight bulge felt in the ear if you lie down on it but it’s not excessive.

Despite the perfect fit, the earbuds doesn’t stay in place if used exercising and tends to fall off if the activity gets too vigorous or involves a lot of jumping.

Control and connectivity

Samsung suggest you install the Galaxy Wearable App to use the earbuds.  I do not like adding apps on my smartphone so I tried connecting it directly, just like how other Bluetooth devices would be able to do so.

Also, I couldn’t find the app on the AppStore, with the closest match, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Apps, ranked a poor 2.1 stars only.  I decided to therefore just not install the app entirely.

Anyway, I continued to try to pair my buds with my iPhone 12.

It took me quite sometime to find the earbuds through my iPhone 12’s Bluetooth, but once my phone detected the earbuds, it was connected with a tap.

The manual provided didn’t give any details on how to use the earbuds, so I had to figure it out myself by tapping each earbud individually.

These are the instructions I found by chance:

  • Tap L to Pause/Continue
  • Tap R to Stop/Play
  • Long press R to enable/disable Active Noise Cancelling

The buds were sensitive to taps, so the slightest tap can stall your music or sound. This poses a problem when you lie down sideways with the buds in your ear.

The buds can stay connected to my phone up to about 10m.  Once you exceed that, the music stops and it gets disconnected.

Sound quality: Calling, music and movies

Noise cancelling for the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds2 is amazing. With both earbuds in my ear, I can hardly hear what’s happening outside.

On Spotify (music), the earbuds packed very good controlled bass, and clarity was also good. I enjoyed the quality of the audio and think it was one of the best I’ve had so far.

On Netflix (movies), there was enough clarity from the scenes (things like footsteps, doors creaking), but the dialogs were on the softer side and the pitch sounding a bit on the high side.

When making calls, I had to raise my voice slightly so that the receiver could hear me, but the receiver’s voice was crystal on my end.

Battery life

Samsung claims that the earbuds can last about 5 hours on a single charge, with the case able to provide an extra 15 hours of power.

To be entirely honest, I don’t listen to audio that long, so I can’t actually tell if it’s true.

I use the earbuds on and off, perhaps like 3 hours a day and so far, I’ve not received any warning about the battery being low that soon.

Pricing and where to buy

The Galaxy Buds2 is the more affordable earbuds by Samsung and it is sold from RM249 in local online stores despite it retailing at RM499 officially.

You can directly buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 at the links provided below.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 review conclusion

I feel that the Galaxy Buds2 are quite impressive although I do have reservations for the retail price and the slippery design.

The sound quality is good enough for me, and the Active Noise Cancelling works like a charm despite it’s shortcomings when calls are being made.

I can’t really rate the battery life, but it does seem okay to me.

That said, considering everyting, I think if you can get these original earbuds below RM300, it’s a worthy buy.