6 powerful Magic AI Experience in HONOR 200 Series

The upcoming HONOR 200 series, the brand’s latest AI Aesthetic Flagship smartphones, is said to blend cutting-edge AI technologies with classic portrait photography.

This in turn would produce stunningly beautiful studio level portrait photography by using just a smartphone.

According to HONOR Malaysia, this premium mid-range line-up will integrate the latest Magic AI Experience features which is usually seen on premium HONOR Magic Series flagship phones.

That said, here are 6 powerful new Magic AI Experience that will appear in the HONOR 200 Series.

  1. Magic Portal (Exclusive)
    Magic Portal intelligently comprehends and interprets user messages and behaviors, guiding them easily search items like addresses and images by simply dragging and dropping it from one app to another. For example, when user comes across a picture of a beautiful dress on social media, Magic Portal allows them to easily search for the exact item on e-commerce platforms with just a single drag, making shopping convenient.
  2. AI Air Gesture
    Often greasy streaks are left on the phone’s display, especially when using the device while eating with hands. With AI Air Gesture, users can scroll up and down on selected apps, take screenshots, swap between the front and rear cameras and even take photos using this feature without having to touch the display. It’s absolutely magic!
  3. AI Blur Private Info
    In an age where social media takes up a large part of our lives, a single photo can expose sensitive information and protecting user’s privacy is crucial. HONOR prioritizes user privacy by both securely processing data on the device and equipping the HONOR 200 with Blur Private Info. This feature blurs sensitive information like names, passwords, and contact numbers directly from the Share menu before sending an image.
  4. Magic Capsule
    Accessing constantly used phone features often requires quite a bit of tapping to access additional menus or notifications. Magic Capsule enables users to just tap on a notification and instantly gain access to relevant information and important functions for immediate action without having to tediously navigate multiple menus such as the Timer, Alarm, Screencasting, phone calls and more.
  5. AI Motion Sensing Capture (Exclusive)
    The HONOR 200 Pro is able to capture crisp and detailed images even when a subject is in motion with AI Motion Sensing Capture, a feature that was originally introduced on the HONOR Magic5 series. Capture fast-paced portrait moments like kicking, jumping or dancing with exceptional clarity and detail.
  6. AI Natural Tone 2.0 (Exclusive)
    Viewing smartphone display can be frustrating under varying indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. The HONOR 200 Series tackles this with AI Natural Tone 2.0, where this feature adjusts the display’s colour temperature based on ambient light, providing a natural and consistent viewing experience onscreen every time.

HONOR 200 Pro now available for pre-orders & arrival

As mentioned before, the HONOR 200 Pro is now open for pre-order with just a RM20 deposit.

This offer is exclusive during the Early Bird Special from 10 to June 18, 2024.

Those who pre-order will receive free gifts worth RM1,377 upon full payment. Details on this pre-order can be obtained by reading our previous post on the HONOR 200 Pro pre-order.

Anyway, HONOR has also confirned that the HONOR 200 Series will be officially launched this coming 19 June 2024 in Malaysia.

The live stream of the launch will take place at 8PM on HONOR Malaysia official Facebook account.