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Sarawak plans to have its very own telco in two years

The Sarawak government is planning to have its very own telecommunication company in the next two years.

The move was revealed by it’s Chief Minister, Abang Zohari Abang Haji Openg in an interview with a TVS.

In the interview Abang Jo stressed about the importance of internet to Sarawakians and the government’s development plan.

“This is why we are giving a huge allocation for internet. It is something we need.” Abang Jo said to TVS.

Abang Jo further added that his government acknowledges that there’s plenty of places in Sarawak without good internet access.

According to Abang Jo, having its very own telco will allow Sarawak to improve internet connectivity, particularly in rural areas.

This was to address the challenge faced by the Sarawak government in improving internet connectivity as major telcos are reluctant to set up their services in rural areas due to low demand.

“Therefore, the simplest way to solve it is for the Sarawak Government to have its own telco and we will give special subsidy to our own telco so that our rates are cheaper” he said again.

Abang Jo also confirmed that a partnership between the Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) will also see some 1,246 telecommunication towers built in Sarawak until 2023.

He also confirmed he had just approved some RM150 million to improve wifi connectivity according to the zone system.