Maxis schedules system upgrade from 23 to 25 November

Maxis will be upgrading its systems from 23 November to 25 November, and a selected few customer will be affected.

An SMS was sent out to affected customers last Friday, with Maxis further clarifying that the upgrade will affect selected Maxis Postpaid, Maxis Fibre or Hotlink Postpaid accounts.

During the system upgrade, affected users will see their Maxis app available with limited functions from 2pm, 23 November to 4am, 25 November and not available from 4am to 1pm, 25 November 2020.

Easy Menu *100# will also not be assessable throughout the duration of the system upgrade, and Maxis also clarifies that their teams at retail and customer services may not be able to support for any add or change your services and any transaction which involve change of our account details throughout the duration of the system.

The SMS sent to Maxis customers

Despite that, users will still be able to make calls, use mobile Internet and send SMS as usual.

It is unsure what is Maxis upgrading during the system upgrade, but the telco did mention that such upgrade is done in stages, which probably means that other users might be affected in the future when their time comes.

If you are affected by the system upgrade this 23 November, it may be a good idea to do whatever you need to do before the said date as a precaution.