Aside from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which was unveiled this week, smartphone users in general, are also pretty excited about the latest Apple iPhone 8.

This is no surprise as both are considered premium products of their range, and benchmark devices for their respective operating system.


It is heavily rumored that the iPhone 8 will be bezel free, in line with the trend nowadays, started off with the Xiaomi Mix.  The Mi Mix 2 will be even more radical, but the iPhone 8 isn’t far from that if the rumours turn out to be true.

iPhone 8 bezel free
Said to be the final hardware design of the Apple iPhone 8. Photo credit: Nodus and Gordon Kelly

Nonetheless, as you can see above, the bezel is still slightly bigger than what Xioami is planning, but the fact that Apple might do away with the traditional physical button to me, is sort of ‘groundbreaking’, especially since I personally dislike the button.

These are however just leaks, though  the video below does show more of what to expect.


According to AndroidPit, a rumour on Chinese social media app Weibo said that the new iPhone 8 would be powered with an even more powerful processor, likely named A11.

It will also get 3 GB of RAM, with different iPhone range of the series getting different options for storage, 64 GB to be the minimum, and 512GB to be the maximum.

Apple iPhone 8
The back of the Apple iPhone 8. Photo credit: @VenyaGeskin1

The iPhone 8 is also expected to have a dual-camera function, with the lenses shifted from being horizontal, to being vertical.

Apple is also said to be keen on implementing more biometric security features in the Apple iPhone 8, which is rumoured to feature an iris scanner for the first time. This comes with a finger print scanner as well.

The screen of the iPhone 8 will also likely feature  an OLED panel, with AndroidPit also mentioning that the fingerprint scanner, speaker, camera and sensors all placed behind the panel.


Smartphones, especially premium ones like the Apple iPhone 8 would unlikely go cheap, so I would not expect it to cost anything less than RM2,500.  However, thanks to marketing, I am very sure that telcos would offer the Apple iPhone 8 at a fraction of it’s price, provided you tie yourself up with a contract with them.


September has been Apple’s favourite time to release a new iPhone, and I do not expect this to change anytime soon. Rumours say that Apple is currently stocking up inventory, and the iPhone 8 would therefore likely be available in October or November.  I expect Malaysia would also get the iPhone 8 before the year ends.

I’ll update this page from time to time if there’s more rumours, so do stay tuned.