The Mi Mix 2 bazel-free smartphone

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – A bezel free smartphone?

Not many know this, but Xioami Mi Mix was the first smartphone to actually come bazel-less last year.

The design of the phone, known as a concept phone then, was so radical, it caught the attention of Samsung and LG who then decided to release their very own versions.

This year,he Samsung Galaxy S8 came almost bezel-less, and a lot of people love what Samsung did to the smartphone, with many new manufacturers also seeking to imitate Samsung’s success by producing a bazel free smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 features a bazel-less display. Photo Credit: Digital Trends

That said, word around the street is that Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 would soon be released and it will have a razor thin bazel, utilizing the whole screen of the phone.

A photo by Philippe Starck, the phone’s designer sort of confirmed this, by showing the Mi Mix 2 conceptual design video, with two words; “Even less”. You can check out the video below.

If the concept phone does get a bazel-free look, it would be an exciting time for smartphone enthusiast as more manufacturers would be eager to imitate such beauty. On top of that, I did also say that choosing a right screen is one of the top ten tips when buying a smartphone. –