realme spills camera and design detail for realme 12 Pro Series

realme today announced at its 2024 Media Preview Event in Las Vegas that the upcoming realme 12 Pro Series will include a flagship periscope telephoto lens.

According to a press release sent by realme, the media event also marked realme’s initial official communication following its rebranding.

The realme 12 Pro Series camera

realme’s research indicates a preference among young users for telephoto lenses with 3X zoom and above rather than just 2X.

In order to achieve high zoom levels without compromising the smartphone size, a periscope telephoto is the sole viable choice.

Due to cost, such feature is usually reserved for flagship phones but realme intends to bridge this gap by making flagship-exclusive periscope telephoto technology available to a broader audience of young users.

realme therefore has developed a proprietary periscope telephoto formula to ensure top-quality imaging under various conditions, first introduced in the realme GT5 Pro launched in December 2023.

This formula has positioned the realme GT5 Pro’s telephoto performance at the forefront of the industry.

The upcoming realme 12 Pro Series will adopt the same approach, integrating a leading sensor size, a high-performance platform, and an advanced algorithm to achieve superior imaging performance.

Aside from that, the coming realme 12 Pro Series will also enhance night shot clarity and stability while minimising flare and ghosting.

It will also boasts the segment’s largest periscope telephoto sensor, featuring the OV64B flagship sensor.

realme claims that its 1/2-inch size is over twice as large as the telephoto sensor in the iPhone 15 Pro, and nearly three times more light-sensitive than the iPhone 15 Pro.

In addition to a periscope tele-camera and an ultra-wide camera, realme 12 Pro Series’ main camera features Sony IMX890 OIS, which is perfect for nighttime shots.

This camera has a 1/1.56” large sensor, a 24mm equivalent focal length, and a wide f/1.8 Aperture.

With OIS support, it excels in providing stable video recording and optimising the success rate of photos.

It also offers lossless zoom at 0.6x, 1x, 2x, 3x, and 6x, providing a full-focal-length lossless zoom photographic experience that resembles a flagship device.

The Next-gen Algorithm: Exclusive Customisation of The MasterShot Algorithm

realme, in collaboration with Qualcomm, has enhanced its image processing with the MasterShot Algorithm.

The realme 12 Pro Series is the first and only device in its segment to process RAW domains, ensuring top clarity, dynamic range, and realism in cinematic portraits.

The next-generation omni-focal MasterShot Algorithm is a flagship-level architecture that offers the industry’s most advanced computational photography. It integrates the LightFusion Engine for enhanced clarity and tone, plus the NightEye Engine for superior night photography. The Series also features a unique movie portrait filter, allowing effortless capture of striking portraits.

A Luxury Watch Design

To ensure realme continues to produce eye-catching products, realme had teamed up with Ollivier Savéo, an international luxury watch design master.

This partnership inspired a luxury watch design for the realme 12 Pro Series.

Ollivier Savéo is known for his leadership in high-end watch and jewellery groups, which include Rolex, Roger Dubuis, Piaget, Breitling, and Quentin.

The design of the realme 12 Pro is therefore a result in the infusion of refined elements into the industrial design of the realme 12 Pro Series.  These elements are listed below;

  • Golden Fluted Bezel: Crafted using CNC machine cutting, the Golden Fluted Bezel achieves a 360° luxury watch level precision texture with 300 meticulously designed metal lines.
  • Polished Sunburst Dial: The Polished Sunburst Dial showcases a light cone and gradient UV texture seamlessly blended to present over 500 sunburst patterns interwoven with light and shadow.
  • Premium Vegan Leather: Using the latest silicone materials results in a silky feel and dirt-resistant Premium Vegan Leather, combining high-end aesthetics with practicality.
  • 3D Jubilee Bracelet: Featuring three-dimensional rhomboid precision splicing, the 3D Jubilee Bracelet creates a metallic strap texture that adds a touch of luxury to the realme 12 Pro Series.

More details on the new coming realem 12 Pro series will be made available soon.  For more details, check the links below.