realme 13 Pro Series will be powered by HYPERIMAGE+

realme recently unveiled its highly anticipated ultra clear camera with AI, the realme 13 Pro Series, at the realme AI Imaging Media Preview Event in Bangkok.

Themed “The Future is Here: AI is Revolutionizing Mobile Imaging”, the media event saw industry leaders and experts come together to explore the transformative impact of AI on mobile imaging technology.

Guests included Sven-Olaf Steinke, General Manager of Certification at TÜV Rheinland Greater China, who presented TÜV Rheinland’s latest insights on the innovation of mobile photography, and Toshimitsu Kurosaka, Vice President of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (Shanghai) Limited, who announced a new collaboration between Sony and realme via video presentation.


Through the collaboration between realme and Sony, the realme 13 Pro Series will see the debut of Sony’s LYT-701 sensor, promising exciting advancements in imaging experiences further empowered by realme’s industry-leading AI Photography Architecture, HYPERIMAGE+.

Marking the latest achievement in its AI innovation, realme has developed HYPERIMAGE+, the industry’s first AI photography architecture, featuring a three-layer architecture that consists of flagship optics, on-device AI imaging algorithms, and cloud-based AI image editing.

As the base layer of HYPERIMAGE+, cutting-edge optics consisting of multiple lenses, periscope lenses, and large sensors, form the foundation for advanced photography solutions capable of capturing high-quality image.

Building upon this, AI imaging algorithms and AI image editing further process image data to enhance the visual quality of photo and video content. The new comprehensive approach takes mobile photography to new heights, enabling users to enjoy ultra clear camera with AI from the convenience of their smartphone.

realme 13 Pro Series camera highlights

The realme 13 Pro Series, positioned as the Ultra Clear Camera with AI, boasts first-class optics and cutting-edge AI capabilities that together promise to deliver an experience on par with professional DSLR cameras.

It will also be powered by the HYPERIMAGE+ architecture,.

The realme 13 Pro+ features a dual main camera system, a 50MP OIS main camera with the industry-first Sony LYT-701, and a 50MP periscope telephoto camera with the Sony LYT-600, supporting 3x optical zoom.

According to realme, this advanced system enables the phones to deliver exceptional image quality in a wide range of scenarios, from low-light settings to stunning portraits.

In addition, by bringing AI capabilities to image processing in the RAW domain, realme’s AI HyperRAW Algorithm significantly boosts image clarity and dynamic range to capture authentic light and shadow with true-to-life results.

The realme 13 Pro Series also features a series of advanced functions, including AI Pure Bokeh, AI Natural Skin Tone, and AI Ultra Clarity, which set a new benchmark for portrait photography.

With AI Pure Bokeh, the camera is able to accurately identify foreground, midground, and background elements in a scene, as well as the subject being photographed, which is then used to perform pixel-level segmentation of objects and apply targeted algorithmic optimisations and processing to creating realistic cinematic portraits in seconds.

AI Natural Skin Tone can enhance the natural appearance of various skin tones using on-device AI processing, while the cloud-based AI image editing feature AI Ultra Clarity can significantly enhance low resolution photos to deliver stunning quality images that overcome the physical constraints of the underlying camera hardware.

Ahead of its upcoming launch, the realme 13 Pro+ has also received the High Resolution Camera Certification by international independent third-party testing, inspection, and certification organization, TÜV Rheinland certification.

The availability of the new AI powered smartphone in Malaysia will be made known soon.