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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes in four different colours.

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note8 at RM2,161

If you are already eyeing the Samsung Galaxy Note8, you can now pre-order it with Digi who is offering the latest Samsung smartphone at only RM2,161 for their pre-order promo.

This is a huge saving of about RM1,838 cheaper than the retail price of the Note8, which is RM3,999.  After the pre-order promo, the price would be RM2,268.

According to Digi’s website, those making pre-orders can get their devices after 18 September this year, which is about two weeks from now.

As usual, the offering comes with terms and conditions, notably a two year contract with any one of Digi’s postpaid plans as seen below.

Digi Samsung Galaxy Note8 plan new
The Digi Samsung Galaxy Note8 plan. // Photo credit Digi. Edited by PhoneSentral

If you are not into tying yourself with a long term contract, then perhaps buying the Samsung Galaxy Note8 from Lazada with their never ending promotional codes would be a good choice to save, but of course, you’d have to pay more. –