realme C65 review: Beauty and Intelligence with affordability

The realme C65 is the first ever smartphone under the “Essential Plus” positioning by the tech brand and this review is done to see if the smartphone fits the bil by offering a device that is not only easy on the eyes, light on the pocket, but also durable and usable when in use.

Before I proceed to elaborate on the C65, it is important to note that the smartphone is not a flagship smartphone, but rather a device aimed at enabling the masses own a smartphone with a wide range of functions.

Main highlights

That said, this particular smartphone’s best highlights comes in terms of pricing, with it being priced at just RM699, and style, which sees the smartphone glow (or look more charming) as compared to others within its price range.

There’s also mention of durability with the phone able to withstand drops and splashes, as well as realme promising the phone would not lag for at least 4 years, which is a pretty big deal.

Design and body

Specs: 165.7 x 76.1 x 7.64mm,185g

As I said in my unboxing, the realme C65 is a very pretty looking phone, particularly the Starlight Purple I’ve received for this review.

Typical to a candybar smartphone, the C65 volume and power (fingerprint) buttons are nicely placed for easy access and use. This is likely also attributed to the 7.64mm thinnest of the phone.

What’s interesting is how the power button also acts as a Dynamic Button which allows is customizeable to what I intend to access with just a tap or two.

The rear design is someting I love because it changes under different lighting.

This Starlight Purple, which is one of the two colours made under the Shining Starlight Design, looks rather lavender to my eye.

Its soft tone somewhat complements the dual texture design, creating something very eye-catching yet beutiful especially when under light.

In addition, the triple camera lens also makes the phone look expensive.

The phone has the right weight in my opinion as it is not too heavy and feels premium at 185g.

You can read my first impression of the realme C65 to know how I feel about it’s design.

Screen and display

Specs: 6.67 inch, 720 x 1699 HD display. Refresh rate of 90Hz, Touch sampling rate: 180Hz Brightness:TYPY 500 nits

The 6.67 inch screen is provides satisfying display for movies, casual viewing and also gaming.

With a refresh rate of 90Hz, gaming is responsive and enjoyable. The fact the screen is also TÜV Low Blue Light certificated means I can stay glued to the phone for longer period of time as well.

When outdoors, the maximum brightness of up to 625nits means the screen is still visible despite the blazing sun and I don’t have to squint to see what I am doing on the phone when walking under direct sunlight.

Audio system

Specs: Ultra-linear speaker+200% UltraBoom

Speakers are never a strong point of affordable phones but the C67 has what is called Ultra-linear speaker+200% UltraBoom.

This system produces loud audio from the down firing speakers.

The audio is good and enough to enjoy movies and play games although it is a shame it is only on one side.


Specs: realme UI 5.0 based on Android 14

The realme UI 5.0 runs smoothly and is able to do most task without any issues.

It comes with flagship air gesture, and several AI features which is a first in such an affordable smartphone. What this means is that I could answer calls and do task without even touching my C67, a feature I need most when my hands are not clean due to dirt or food.

Using the air gesture needs practice at first, but after a while, it does what it needs to do.

Aside from air gesture, there’s also raindrop smart touch which allows me to use the phone when the screen is wet.

This is by far my favourite function because I have so many moments where I could hardly tap an app when my hand is wet.

Another good element of this phone is the smart code scan which means the C65 can intelligently recognize a QR code and then redirects to the site or app.

Also, as said above, while other phones only use the side button to power up or off the phone, as well as double as a finger print scanner, realme decided to make this button even more functional and call it the Dynamic Button.

This feature is also one of my favourite as it can activate specific functions for faster access and use.

The button can be swiped, tapped or pressed to activate about four different functions which could be customized accordingly.

In addition, there’s also a special riding mode, which, when activated, helps reject calls when I go above a certain limit. It also shows the route, and enables me to set automatic SMS replies when calls are rejected.

If I am below the speed limit, I can pick up calls and do basic task thanks to its simplified user interface.

realme C65 camera review

Specs: Front – 8MP, Rear – 50MP + Flicker

The realme C65 comes with a very capable camera that can take decent photos particularly under good lighting conditions.

The shutter is however slightly slower than flagship smartphones, but that is expected for a phone in this segment.


The phone allows me to customize the watermark on my photo, which is something I really like.

While I can’t remove the phone model, being able to put my personal watermark on the photo, as well as adjust its location is a huge bonus.

To show the capabilities of the camera, below are some shots from the phone indoors.

Photos taken with 1x and 2x zoom are good, but those from 5x and above start to have more grains although not as much as other brands I’ve used before.

When it comes to daytime outdoor photography, the photos turned out really nice but suffer as well when you force it into digital zoom. The colours were also accurate in my opinion.

Night photography is adequate with still images looking good with colours well represented. Some sample shots can be sen below.

For food shots, the focus of the photo is good an I like how the photo is presented.

Photos also appear rather good for night selfies with the front camera, with adequate bokeh as you can see below.


When it comes to videography, there isn’t much to shout about as there isn’t any image stabilisation on the main 50MP camera.

My review of the videography capabilities of this smartphone, especialy for vlogging can be seen below.

Battery performance

Specs: Supports 45W FastCharge, 5000mAh

I didn’t test the battery until it drains.

I just used the realme C67 as it is, and as I usually use a phone for this review. Therefore, I can’t tell you how long the battery would last if it’s kept switched on or being used.

What I can tell you is that under my typical usage (for just texting and calling), the C67 doesn’t need a fresh charge after a day plus with the battery only needing power after 36 hours.

According to the phone’s software calculation, I could drag the battery life to about 40 hours without turning on its Super Power Saving Mode.

Charging supports 45W FastCharge which takes about an hour to 100% power.

realme claims a 30 seconds charge gives about 43 minutes talk time, and while I didn’t test that (because I don’t talk to people for that long), a 30 second charge does get the battery up by a few per cent.


Specs: IP54 rated

Being splash and dust proof is a key element when I choose a phone and the C67 comes with an IP54 rating.

This means the phone can withstand accidental splashes which tend to happen when there’s accidents.

Honestly, all phones should at least be splash phone these days and I feel it’s great that realme took the trouble to ensure this affordable C67 has just that.

With the accompanied silicone case, the phone can survive normal drops from my pocket, and functions as good as new.

realme C65 review verdict & availability

realme C65 was announced for RM699 on 4th July 2024. For a limited time, realme is offering the C65 with realme Buds 2 Neo.

You can buy it from a wide range of realme retailers including their official online shops which are available in Shopee, Lazada and TikTok.