First impression of the realme C65

realme today brought in the realme C65, which is the brands’ latest smartphone in the highly affordable C-Series.

Generally the series is for those who want high specifications in their devices, but do not want to spend too much for it.

The C65 is special for the C-Series becuase it is the first smartphone in the series to be possitioned under the brand’s new “Essential Plus” tag.

According to realme, the improved positioning means that the device brings smooth and durable product experience with eye-catching designs, while retaining its affordable pricing and quality.

That said, I obtained the Starlight Purple coloured realme C65 from the company recently and here’s my first impression of the device.

Box and package

The box of the realme C65 looks like almost every smartphone box you’d get from the brand. In fact, it looks very similar to the realme C67 I’ve reviewed previously.

Within the box, things in general are similar like what the C67 offered, which included a charging block, a transparent case, a USB C cable, some instructions and a SIM tray pin.

However, it is worth to note that the charging block is a step higher than the C67’s as the C65 comes with a 45W Fast Charge charging block.

The contents of the box can be seen below.

First impression of the realme C65

It is easy to mistake the realemeC65 with the Samsung Galaxy S22 because they resemble each other on the rear.

This is not a bad thing because the Samsung Galaxy S22 is a premium smartphone, and this is a premium design for a much affordable smartphone.

In directly, it allows me to boast to others that I am carrying a premium smartphone.

But beyond that, the C65 looks really great in Starlight Purple as the dual texture design, which I understand is expensive to make, gives out a different shade when shined by different lighting.

Aside from that, the lens design takes cue from flagship lens designs which incorporates color juxtaposition and symmetrical elements to present a neat aesthetic for the triple camera setup.

I personally love the simple rear design as it looks expensive despite its affordable price tag.

In terms of the body, its 7,64mm body, which is the thinnest in its class, feels strudy and easy to hold with navigation using one hand very much possible and easier than most devices I’ve used.

The buttons on the right side, to control the volume, as well to power up and unlock the smartphone are nicely placed as well. This means I don’t need to extend my thumb high to unluck the phone or control the volume.

In front, the C65 has a apunch hole camera with very thin bezels surrounding the screen. The bottom bezels is slightly larger than the upper and side bezels by a few milimiters.

The screen is flat, and the sides are also flat. This means the phone can stand without support if placed on a flat surface – an ability which isn’t significant, but still worthy to mention.

The SIM tray is located on the left of the smartphone, and the USB-C port, as well as external speakers are located on the bottom end of the device.

It seems that the speakers are only available at the bottom of the phone, but interestingly, the C65 does also come with a 3.5mm audio jack which is pretty rare these days.

Unboxing and first impression video

Just to let you know, realme gave me a sealed box for this review, so it was really quite a delight to unbox the device.

The video of my unboxing can be seen below.

Conclusion of the realme C65 first impression

Without using the device on a day-to-day basis just yet, I can say that I’m pretty happy with the C65.

It looks great, it feels great, and comes with an IP54 rating.

The good looks, as well as the fact it comes with an IP rating is good enough to put this smartphone above others in similar segments.

In terms of pricing, it is sold at only RM699 and can be bought with special promotions at the link below.