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OUKITEL Mix 2 has better specs & price than Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi is fast becoming a benchmark for new smartphone companies, and it is no wonder when lesser known brands such as OUKITEL decided to put their OUKITEL MIX 2 against the newly released Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

Now, OUKITEL previously had a run with the Sony XZ, in which they defeated soundly when doing a charging contest, and it is quite certain that their duel with the Mi Mix 2 would give them an upper hand, hence their boldness to compare both phones.

Anyway, OUKITEL bothered to do a comparison, so I am bothered to also report it and give you my thoughts. Below is the comparison of both phones for your quick reference.

Mi Mix 2 vs Oukitel Mix 2.
The comparison between the Mi Mix 2 and Oukitel Mix 2. // Photo: AndroidHeadlines

As you can see above, the OUKITEL Mix 2 seems to be better than the Mi Mix 2 when it comes to the camera, battery and dual flash, but more importantly in price, in which the OUKITEL Mix 2 cost only half of what Xiaomi’s Mix 2.

But of course, the massive difference between both phones would be the processor, and this is exactly where OUKITEL Mix 2 cuts bulk of its cost by using the MediaTek Helio P25 octa-core processor as opposed to the Snapdragon 835 processor powering the Mi Mix 2.

I’m not saying the Helio P25 processor is bad or slow, but it is a known fact that MediaTek processors are cheaper, hence giving most new phone brands an edge when it comes to pricing.

To see a more graphical comparison, do check out the video below.

If you watched the video, the OUKITEL Mix 2 is bigger than the Mi Mix 2, and I do think it looks ticker.  The rear is entirely different from the Mi Mix 2, and the dual camera is a definite plus if compared to the single camera featured in the Mi Mix 2.

Best of all, at half the price of the Mi Mix 2, the Oukitel Mix 2 may just be a good option if you do find that the Mi Mix 2 is expensive.

Before I end this post, please know that OUKITEL had not released their Mix 2 just yet, and  they have indicated that it will only be released at the end of October this year.

Pre-orders are expected to be done soon after the released their Mix 2, but you can get coupons for further discount now on the OUKITEL website.

Which phone is better, you may ask? Well, I’ve yet to try both, so I really can’t tell you now. –