Xiaomi Mi Mix front
Mi Mix front size is just nice. // Photo credit: Android Central

SIRIM data shows Mi Mix 2 is coming to Malaysia

When it comes to Xiaomi, it’s hard for me to not be excited.  I’m not a huge fan of major brands, and Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi are making major brands look very expensive.

Anyway, the Mi Mix 2 is one of the few smartphones I think is really nice, given the bezel-free design, the impressive specifications, and of course the fact that it comes with a smaller body, but still retains that 5.99-inch 2160 x 1080 IPS display.

Well, the hardworking people at Lowyat.net (who seem to be constantly stalking SIRIM, which is the body that regulates all tech devices), has noticed that a device with the codename MDE5 has been registered by Xiaomi, making them believe that the Mi Mix 2 is coming to Malaysia.

Mi Mix 2 SIRIM
The Mi Mix 2, codename MDE5 phone getting into the SIRIM system. //Photo: Lowyat.net

According to them, the specifications of the MDE5 is exactly mimicking the Mi Mix 2, and there is a likelihood that Xiaomi may be bringing the phone to Malaysia.

Nonetheless, Lowyat.net also warned of getting our hopes high because getting approval from SIRIM doesn’t entirely mean that the Mi Mix 2 would be launched in Malaysia, though I am honestly counting on it to happen, despite the fact that I am assuming that it would likely cost a bomb. – phonesentral.com