Now you can separate your personal life and work life on WhatsApp

Hey, I know this news was like a month ago, but I just stumbled upon a new WhatsApp app, known as  WhatsApp Business.

According to a blog entry by WhatsApp, WhatsApp Bussiness is a “a free-to-download Android app for small businesses that will make it easier for companies to connect with customers, and more convenient for otheir 1.3 billion users to chat with businesses that matter to them.”

Well, that’s what WhatsApp says anyway.

The way I see it, WhatsAPp Business is like the hail Mary that every dual-SIM activated smartphone user like myself has been waiting for, which is an opportunity to saperate my personal number, and my work number, or simply, to have two WhatsApp numbers functioning well on a dual-SIM phone.

I’ve been using third party softwares such as Parallel Space to get two WhatsApp numbers on my phone for months since I used Android One on my Xiaomi MiA1, and it crashes every now and then. But with WhatsApp officially now allowing one to operate two separate WhatsApp numbers on one phone, there’s no need to use third party apps.

Aside from allowing you to have two WhatsApp numbers on a single phone, WhatsApp Business also comes with several other perks like Quick Replies, Business Profiles, and Automates messages.

In fact, WhatsApp also says that the new WhatsApp Business would have a messaging statistics for you to evaluate, and in the future, allow you to have a confirmed Business Account in the future.

The only drawback for WhatsApp Business is that you are not able to change your username, unlike the typical WhatsApp where one can simply switch their usernames at will, and it is slowly rolling out worldwide on Android.

To get WhatsApp Business, download it from the PlayStore, and using it is just like using the good old WhatsApp Messenger.