Invisible Bluetooth earbuds now only RM32 per set

Bluetooth earbuds are kind of the trend nowadays, and with Bluetooth technology slowly, or may I say rapidly growing, earbuds are getting more sophisticated by the day.

With physical activities now gaining popularity, the use of wired earbuds is slowly getting less popular among sportsmen and sportswomen, with many preferring earbuds with little wire such as the Xiaomi Bluetooth Sports Music Earbuds or ones with no physical wire at all.

Bluedio T4 Portable Bluetooth Headphones

Basically, those wanting better music quality would go for those large headband headphones like the Bluedio T4 Portable Bluetooth Headphones which cost USD41.99 (RM164) on GearBest, but those just wanting adequate music without interrupting their movements are slowly shifting towards total wireless mini earbuds such as the LEZII X17 Mini In-ear Invisible Wireless Bluetooth Earbud.

Gearbest LEZII X17 Mini In-ear Invisible Wireless Bluetooth Earbud - BLACK
LEZII X17 Mini In-ear Invisible Wireless Bluetooth Earbud

These earbuds, as you can see in the photo above, do not have any physical wires, and come in pairs, and they produce enough sound quality for you to enjoy music while running, or exercising.

Anyway, If you are interested to try one of those invisible earbuds, specifically the LEZII X17, the coupon ‘X17GBK’ will give you up to 17% discount for your purchase, subject to terms and conditions.

Invisible Earbuds set
Invisible Earbuds set

Usually costing USD11.59 (RM50), the LEZII X17 Mini In-ear Invisible Wireless Bluetooth Earbud is now only USD7.99 (RM32) if the discount code ‘X17GBK‘ is applied (while stocks last), making it one of the cheapest invincible earbuds out there, good for testing if you’d like to have one.

Honestly, I do not know about the quality of these invincible earbuds, but if you want to give it a try, I’m telling you here that there’s an offer for the earbuds.