My first impression of the HONOR X8b

HONOR sent me a nice little package this week, and it contained the HONOR X8b.

This new smartphone arrives after the HONOR X9b which is interesting because the numerical difference between these two models means that the X8b smartphone wouldn’t be as expensive as the X9b I’ve reviewed prior to this.

What you also need to know is that this is not a 5G smartphone, with the fastest connectivity suported being 4G.

To me that is not a problem because 5G coverage is still not very good in Malaysia with most areas supported with just 4G/LTE at best.

Box and package

The items in the box are pretty standard with HONOR still generously shipping a silicon case, SIM hole pin, charger, and a USB-C cable with the X8b itself.

HONOR is also still very generous to ship the phone with a 3.5mm wired earphones as well.

I think for those looking for a complete set of items when they first get their phone, this package is perfect.

First impression of the HONOR X8b

The shape of the HONOR X8b feels very familiar, because it is almost identical to an iPhone with it’sflat edges and design.

There are however some slight differences with the X8b receiver front microphone placed really nicely at the top edge of the top end.

Just under the the receiver, there’s the in-screen camera for the front facing camera, and there’s a very slight curve at the edge of the screen.

The SIM tray is located on the left of the smartphone, while the right side has the volume control button, as well as the power button, which doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

The flat sides of the X8b to me look neat and sturdy with the fingerprint scanner location perfect if I intend to unlock or switch on/off the phone with my left index finger.

Like all of HONOR’s latest smartphones, the unlocking feature, either through the side mounted finger print scanner, or via facial recogniotion, is fast in its task.

The bottom end of the smartphone has the downfiring speakers and the USB-C port which can can be used to charge or connect the USB-C to 3.5mm audio jack.

Moving on to the rear, the triple camera set-up is placed on the top left of the smartphone with one of the circles housing the flash.

Over the years, I observe that there is always one colour which HONOR would make as the ‘face’ of each smartphone model they release.

The Diamond Silver option was the main colour for the HONOR 90, the Sunrise Orange (Vegan Leather) was the ‘face’ of the HONOR X9b, and I was lucky enough to get the ‘face’ of the HONOR Magic5 Pro which Meadow Green.

This time around, the ‘face’ for the HONOR X8b is Glamourous Green, and it was the colour I got to review.

I am not a huge fan of green, but I love this Glamorous Green design which is featured on a diamond like pattern matte surface.

Thank’s to this, there’s no finger print issues, and having the X8b in my palms does exude that feel of comfort and style.

HONOR claims that the colour symbolizes beauty, nature, life and fashion with it radiating freshness and vibrancy, and I do agree with them here.

In addition to that, I felt the X8b had just the right weight.  The edges may be slightly flat, but it wasn’t an issue since the smartphone’s thickness allowed my fingers to utilize the whole screen without much effort.

Video of HONOR X8b unboxing

To see how I unboxed the HONOR X8b, you can check the video below. In this video, I also briefly tell you how I felt about the physical features of the phone.


Overall, my first impression of the HONOR X8b is very positive, especialy since I do favour the design and how it feels in my palms.

As I understand, this smartphone has upgrades in terms of storage space, camera and screen, but I’ll delve into those details in my full review which is coming real soon.

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