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Apple announced 3rd Gen iPhone SE with A15 Bionic chip

Apple announced their 3rd gen iPhone SE during their most recent Peek Performance event.

The smartphone is generally considered Apple’s most basic iPhone in the market, but it does allow those without money to spare to own a piece of Apple’s prized smartphone technology.

3rd gen iPhone SE highlights

To ensure that users of the SE will not be stuck backwards, Apple has refreshed the SE variant of the iPhone with the A15 Bionic chip which, if you didn’t know, is equal to the chip used in the latest iPhone 13.

Now, in an odd comparison, Apple suggest that the new iPhone SE is 1.8x faster than the iPhone 8, which does make me scratch my head a little, because that’s quite a far fetch comparison.

Despite that, those looking to own their first iPhone through the iPhone SE can smile as the smartphone will come with an array of features like an IP67 rate smartphone, a 5G capable smartphone, and a 4.7-inch Retina HD display.

On top of that, the smartphone is now also protected with Ceramic Shield which is the glass used to protect the flagship iPhone 13 series.

iPhone SE availability

The new iPhone SE is readily available for pre-order in Malaysia from RM2,099 with 64GB of storage space.

Bump up your space to 128GB, and you’d need to fork out RM2,299 for the smartphone, and you need to pay RM2,799 for the largest 256GB storage space available.

Pre-orders can be made on the following websites from 18 March 2022, with Apple Malaysia stating the smartphone will be available from 25 March.