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HONOR X8b and HONOR X7b to be unveiled in Malaysia this 22 December 2023

Following the success of HONOR X9b 5G in Malaysia, HONOR is set to unveil two new additions to the latest X Series lineup – the HONOR X8b and HONOR X7b on 22 December 2023.

Renowned for their quality and pocket-friendly prices, the X Series has established itself as a favorite among Malaysians.

Earlier this year, HONOR debuted the HONOR X8a and HONOR X7a.

In case you have not known, the HONOR X8b offers an impressive 16(8+8) GB + 512GB storage drive.

This amount of storage is capable of holding a whopping 124,000 pictures.

This extensive storage, comparable to a laptop, ensures users can have their media readily accessible at their fingertips. Now, space concerns are a thing of the past.

Additionally, the HONOR X8b features a 50MP Spotlight Portrait front camera, equipped with a front spotlight and Auto Switch Field of View (FOV) feature.

This makes this smartphone perfect for capturing flattering selfies under various lighting conditions while capturing more elements in a single frame, great for selfie lovers.

On top of that, the device’s 108MP Ultra-clear Main Camera comes with a top-notch ISOCELL HM6 sensor for clear and vibrant photos even in low-light settings.

The camera also  includes a 2X Portrait mode with a 48mm equivalent focal length, enabling users to capture detailed and lively portraits.

The HONOR X8b also boasts an ultra slim profile measuring only 6.78mm in thickness and is also remarkably lightweight at just 166g.

The device’s slender and lightweight build makes it effortlessly portable, allowing users to conveniently slip the HONOR X8b into their pockets, purses, or handbags.

It is available in Glamorous Green and Titanium Silver colors.

Meanwhile, the HONOR X7b is perfect for those who like long hours of power and do not like charging their devices.

This is because the HONOR X7b has a 6000mAh Ultra-lasting Battery which provides enough power for all day social media browsing, video streaming, and gaming.

Along with a long-lasting battery, the HONOR X7b also comes with a large storage of 16(8+8) GB + 256GB, a 3D Backplane Quad-Curved Design, and a slim and lightweight body which is just 8.24mm thick and weighing 199g.

It is available in two stunning colors, Flowing Silver and Emerald Green.

The HONOR X8b is currently with us for a review, and you can read the unboxing and first impression post in the link below.