My first impresion of the CMF Watch Pro

The CMF Watch Pro was just released in Malaysia this October and I am fortunate enough to get my hands on the smartwatch to do this review.

This is the unboxing, or first impression review of the CMF Watch Pro, and a more detailed review will come in the near future.

Box and package

I think CMF, influenced by Nothing, crafted a very unique and nice packaging for the CMF Watch Pro.

At first glance, I love how cardboard is used to create a very specific, thin shaped housing for the Watch Pro.

The combination of colours, namely orange, grey and white also pops up the design, making it look very exclusive and different.

Inside, there’s minimal words, and the focus is directly towards the watch and how to operate it.

There’s only four items within the package, the watch body, watch silicone strap, charging cable and a user guide.

Watch physical

The watch case itself is squarish body which looks rather thick with a slight curve seen as you glance carefully at the screen.

The metalic grey watch case body looks nice to me and fits the ash grey silicon strap.

There’s only one function button on the watch case, with six small hole underneath that button which houses the speaker.

The silicon strap is soft, and with the CMF logo the only tell-tell sign of the watch brand.

Flipping the watch over reveals a small hole which houses the microphone, two chrome dots for charging and four glass looking circles which is the sensors for the accelerator, heart rate and blood oxygen.

Watch weight and feel

When strapped on, I can barely feel the 47g weight of the watch, and this is something I like.

Watches should not be heavy, and having a light watch makes physical activities easier.

I do have reservations on the strap however because I while the buckle style strap does add elegence to the watch, it is slightly more difficult to put on if compared to one of those hook types I enjoy using.

Another issue I had was the length of the strap. I have a big wrist, and the strap felt kind of short to look nice on my wrist.

Despite that, straps are easily changed and I can of course get a preffered strap online in the near future.

Unboxing video

Before I wrap up this first impression review, you can check out the unboxing video of this Watch Pro below.


I think that wraps up this first impression review of the CMF Watch Pro, which is solely based on how I felt when I first saw the watch, and put it on for a quick use.

I will dig in to more details of the Watch Pro after I have done a test of the watch in coming days.

Until then, check out the links below to read or find out more about CMF and the Watch Pro.