Xiaomi Mi Note 3 poster
The poster of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3. //Photo credit GSM Arena

Mi Note 3 with 6GB RAM to be launched on 11 Sept

Looks like there’s another device going to accompany the Mi Mix 2 which will be launched by Xiaomi this coming September 11 as Xiaomi’s co-founder Lin Bin, has confirmed the arrival of the Mi Note 3 through his Weibo.

In his posting, Lin Bin asked if users wanted if they wanted the Mi Mix 2, or a larger version of the Mi 6, and he didn’t hide what he meant by the ‘larger version of the Mi 6’ as he accompanied his status with a photo of a Mi Note 3 promotional poster.

With that said, it can be assumed that the Mi Note 3 will likely share similar specifications with the Mi 6, hence coming with 6GB RAM, and a minimum internal memory of 64GB.

GSM Arena which listed the unofficial specifications of the Mi Note 3 also expects the phone to have similar features with the Mi 6, including the dual-camera function, fingerprint scanner, and the Octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor.

Nonetheless, with 11 September just a stone throw away, I figure I’d just wait for the final product and specifications to be released, but with Mi Note 3 very likely to have 6GB of RAM, as well as all the features I’d like in a smartphone, it’s just heart breaking to know I just bought a new phone, though I believe that my Ulefone T1 will still be so much cheaper if compared to the Mi Note 3. – phonesentral.com