Premium gifts + FREE Maxis fibre internet offered to Kuching people

MaxisONE Home brochure
The brochure of the MaxisONE HOME Fibre behind on my laptop.

Two days ago, I told you about the MaxisONE Home Fibre has arrived in Kuching, as well as several other cities in Sarawak.

Well, today until this Sunday (8 – 10 September), Maxis is doing a roadshow about their MaxisONE Home Fibre at tHe Spring Kuching, and they are giving away premium gifts as well as a free one month subscription/bill of their high speed unlimited fibre internet, on top of free cookies, for anyone who signs-up with their Home fibre.

MaxisOne Home Fibre Promo Kuching
Today’s promo by Maxis in Kuching.

This offering comes added to the free calls, free DECT phone and the limit-less internet already offered to customers signing up for their MaxisONE Home Fibre.  For those signing up for speeds 30Mbps and beyond, a free unlimited (and whole life) iFlix subscription is also thrown into the deal.

If you are already a MaxisONE customer, then RM1 would see you gain even more when you sign up for the MaxisONE Home Fibre at this roadshow as the Google Chromecast, which usually cost over RM180 on Lazada, is sold at just RM1.

Again however, the Chromecast is just offered for sign-ups above 30Mbps as seen below.

MaxisOne Home Fibre Promotion
The MaxisONE Home Fibre internet plan offers with Chromecast at RM1.

It is also important to note that any sign-up with the MaxisONE Home Fibre would come with a 24-month contract.

By comparison, the rates offered by the MaxisONE Home Fibre is indeed competitive, and it would be interesting to hear feedback from those subscribing to the service in due time.

However, if you are tired of your current internet provider, and perhaps want ‘a change of wind’, the deals offered by Maxis at their roadshow in the Spring is definitely something you’d want to look closer into. –