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Impressive HUAWEI EMUI10 launched

The EMUI10 was officially launched at the Huawei Developers Congress last August 9, in Dongguan.

The Android based EMUI10 brings three updates: UX design, an all-scenario ultimate experience, and a new standard of smooth operation. It also add dark mode to bring more visual comfort users.

According to a press release I received, the biggest update for the EMUI10 is how it would integrate multiple devices.

An example would be how the EMUI10 would adopt revolutionary distributed technology to support HD video calls among multiple devices. This according to the release, means that users can make audio and video calls whenever and wherever they are, with users able choose to answer calls using numerous ways depending on situations and devices connected. This includes a smart speaker, TV, vehicle-mounted device, or even send a real-time video feed from a drone.

It sounds really impressive to be honest, and that’s just one of the many neat things the new EMUI would bring to its 500 million daily users.

The new EMUI10 is now in beta, and the P30 series would be the first to get the upgrade. Other mMate series products would get the EMUI10 from September 8