RM5 billion to upgrade Sarawak telco coverage to 4G

The Sarawak telecommunication (telco) coverage is expected to be much better by year end.

This comes after the Federal government of Malaysia announced it is allocating RM4 billion on top to the RM1 billion already allocated by the Sarawak government to upgrade and build telecommunication (telco) towers in Sarawak to 4G.

This means some RM5 billion had been allocated to upgrade and build telco towers in Sarawak.

According to a news report by DayakDaily, the promise was made by Minister of Telecommunication and Multimedia Tan Sri Annuar Musa, which said that all telco towers will be 4G in Sarawak by year end.

The allocation will also be used to install new towers to improve connectivity in Sarawak.

Annuar Musa was quoted by Borneo Post as saying that his ministry had been in constant negotiations with all the service providers on tackling the issue of poor Internet coverage in Sarawak, but wanted for more commitment from the telcos towards this end.

The report by Borneo Post also mentioned the Sarawak government is building some 300 towers in areas which are not covered by the Federal government, adding that the RM4 billion allocated would be managed by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), and some directly by the service providers.

Sarawak is the biggest region in Malaysia and has massive challenge when it comes to expanding cellular and internet coverage due to its mountainous geography.

It is therefore hoped that the Sarawak telco coverage will improve by year end so that connectivity can be better within the region.