sooka launched with Euro 2020 streamed from RM7.90

sooka, a new streaming service, launched with Euro 2020 live matches offered for as low as RM7.90.

The service is inspired by the Malay word ‘suka’, meaning “to like” and is riding a lot on Astro’s content.

According to its statement, sooka focuses on aggregating and curating content such as live global sports action, Malaysian dramas and entertainment programmes, and sooka exclusives and originals that resonates with millennials on a mobile-based streaming platform.

sooka VIP plans

The new service comes in two tier, the free tier and the VIP tier.

The free tier will come with limitations such as adverts, and the VIP tier will see users enjoy more privileges. This to me sounds like what, iFlix, iQiYi or Viu is offering.

The two VIP options are the VIP+Sports plan and the VIP Entertainment plan.

The VIP+Sports plan is priced at RM41.90 per month and it offers live sports actions all year round which include UEFA EURO 2020, BWF World Championships, English Premier League, Moto GP, Formula 1 Championships, Wimbledon Grand Slam, and more.

Much cheaper is the VIP Entertainment plan which is priced at RM15.90 per month.

This plan offers the best Malaysian entertainment content from local dramas, variety shows and movies, as well as sooka exclusives and originals.

I noted there’s also K-Dramas and also C-Dramas in their listings.

sooka EURO 2020 special

Now, I bet there’s no coincidence with sooka launching just before EURO 2020.

Fact is, I can see that sooka want to ride on the EURO to boost its number of subscribers.

This is done by offering the VIP+Sports plan for just RM15.90 per month all year round now.

The price, said to be an introductory price, starts from 8 June 2021.

Subscribing to the tier will allow you to stream all 51 UEFA EURO 2020 live matches, and other ground-breaking live sports actions, alongside much-loved Malaysian entertainment and local exclusives and originals.

In addition to that, you can also opt to pay for a single match for just RM7.90 per match.


It is quite a deal if you ask me.  I also did not see or find any clause that says you need to tie yourself to a contract, so the offer seems quite good.

Getting sooka

To subscribe to the service, you need to download the sooka app from the Apple Store or Google Playstore.

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Get sooka: Apple Store | Google Playstore.