Comparing the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro camera

One can’t help compare both the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro camera since Apple had just released the latest Apple iPhone 12.

Obviously, this wouldn’t be much of a questions for those looking for an upgrade to the iPhone 12, but budget cautious spenders like myself would be quick to compare the two.

You see, the iPhone 11 would cost much less now, since there’s the new iPhone 12, and so, if there’s not much difference in terms of both phones, why should I spend more?

Well, I watched one video, and here’s the conclusion in brief.  However, before that, check out the iPhone 12 promo below.

PHOTO COMPARISON: iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro

According to Whosetheboss, both photos shot using the the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro ultrawide lenses are identical.  This is the main camera you’d be using when taking photos.

However, the ones shot with the iPhone 12 Pro are somewhat slightly better thanks to something called ‘Deep Fusion’.

Deep fusion is a post photo process within the phone.  It works with the camera taking nine different shots in a single time, and merging the best parts of the shots, to produce the best photo.

The iPhone 11 Pro does have Deep Fusion, but it’s faster and better in the iPhone 12 Pro.

The ability of Deep Fusion also shows in shots taken in the iPhone 12 Pro selfie camera.

While both phones produce similar selfie photos, the ones produced by the iPhone 12 Pro look better.

Night mode also improves on the iPhone 12 Pro.

Previously, night mode was only available on main camera of the iPhone 11 Pro, but Apple decided the same mode is now available on all lenses of the iPhone 12 Pro.

This means shots at night have more light, and more object definition.

The explanation of LiDAR

The introduction of LiDAR also improves night shots at night for the iPhone 12.

That said, when it comes to photo taking, images do come out slightly better with the iPhone 12 Pro if compared to the iPhone 11 Pro.

VIDEO COMPARISON: iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro

There’s however no slight improvement when it comes to video taking because the iPhone 12 Pro is much better than the iPhone 11 Pro.

The biggest difference can be seen in the image stabilization offered by the iPhone 12 Pro.

This is thanks to the faster lens correction time adapted by the newer iPhone.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The iPhone 12 Pro is the first phone in the world that can record, and edit in Dolby Vision HDR. This feature can be done at 60 fps.

This feature also influences the night video recording which comes out better as well for the iPhone 12 Pro.

You can see the the comparison of the phones in the video below, but don’t forget to read on the conclusion I have here.


So, as expected, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro camera comparison shows that the the iPhone 12 Pro camera is better than the iPhone 11 Pro.

One can argue that the improvements are rather minor, but it’s still an improvement nonetheless.

The tough part now is to justify whether it’s worth to buy the iPhone 12 Pro with 128GB storage at RM4,899, or would it be a better choice to get RM4,399 with 64GB of storage space.

That’s about RM500 worth of savings if one went for the later which includes both the charger and earbuds, although the iPhone 12 Pro does pack in more storage space.

The choice is yours, but personally, I would probably go for the iPhone 11 Pro since I don’t think slight improvements do cut it for more expenditure.