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realme 11 Pro 5G Series to have 512GB storage space

realme has announced that they are equipping the coming realme 11 Pro 5G Series with the largest storage space available in the price segment.

According to a press release PhoneSentral received, the Number series smartphones, which is the realme 11 Pro+ will have up to 24GB of dynamic RAM and 512GB ROM.

realme says this is possible with its 12GB RAM which supports 4GB/8GB/12GB expansion options.

As we all know, the larger the RAM, the faster a smartphone can be.

This means, 24GB of RAM would likely translate to smooth opening apps at the same time, great for multitasking.

The 512GB storage on the other hand will enable users to keep approximately 2,000 episodes of their favorite dramas, or 130,000 songs, or 130,000 photos in their phone.

Aside from the large RAM and storage, the realme 11 Pro 5G Series will also bring a 200MP OIS SuperZoom cameras, with the realme 11 Pro+ 5G said to be the first smartphone equipped with 4× lossless single-lens zoom technology.

More details on the new realme smartphone is expected to be known during the launch day of the smartphone this 20th July.