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YouTube testing new smart download feature

YouTube has been reportedly testing out a new smart download feature which is now available to Premium Europe users.

The feature allows users to automatically get and downloads 20 videos each week based on their watching preferences into their YouTube app.

Based on a report by 9to5Google, the download will only happen using Wi-Fi, so you need not to worry about having your data drained.

The offline content will appear in the Downloads page (of the “Library” tab).

This feature is nearly identical to YouTube Music’s and will be very useful for those that have limited data internet or regularly go into areas without proper internet coverage.

There’s so far no official word on this feature, but if you want to see whether you are lucky to get it, you can quickly opt-in using the apps from the account avatar > Settings > Try new features.

I checked my own Youtube App, and so far, such feature is not yet available.