CelcomDigi introduce more 5G Boosters

CelcomDigi Berhad (CelcomDigi) has recently introduces more 5G Boosters for both Celcom and Digi users.

Their new boosters allow more flexibility to their customers to enjoy and maximise 5G connectivity oin Malaysia.

According to a statement, from 1 June 2023, CelcomDigi postpaid and prepaid customers can choose from a variety of new 5G Boosterswith an addition of just RM10 to their monthly plan, with those on postpaid plans above RM90 able to enjoy 5G for free.

Additionally, prepaid customers can get 5G access from as low as RM3.

CelcomDigi also announced that there’s a special introductory offers with the launch of the 5G Boosters, in which customers are offered a 50% bonus Internet quota usable on both 4G and 5G networks.

In addition, customers on postpaid plans below RM90 will enjoy free 5G access for a limited time.

5G Boosters also available Customer with Celcom Mega Business and Digi Business Postpaid plans above RM90 will also enjoy the 5G Booster for free as the company also giving an option to get unlimited 5G Internet quota on MEGA for Business Lightning 158 and Go Digi 168.

CelcomDigi customers can activate their chosen 5G Booster by checking their plans’ eligibility and activating the 5G Booster through the Celcom Life app or MyDigi app on their 5G device.