Infinix partneres Tesla Science Center

Infinix has partnered with Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe to honour the spirit of innovation and pay homage to the pioneers of inventions.

The partnership will see Infinix financially support the Tesla Science Center’s development and initiatives and will also include a series of dialogues and campus events aimed at inspiring young futurists to follow in Nikola Tesla’s footsteps.

Based on Infinix’s press release, it seems that Infinix feels that such partnership is a perfect match since the company is a pioneer in a few recent mobile technology.

In case you have not known, in 2021, Infinix introduced the groundbreaking 160W fast charging technology, which was soon followed by the release of the remarkable ZERO series in 2022, featuring 180W fast charging capabilities.

Earlier this year, Infinix further pushed the boundaries with the introduction of the 260W wired and 110W wireless All-Round FastCharge technologies.

Infinix in a statement said that this collaboration between Infinix and the Tesla Science Center aims to inspire the next generation of futurists with not only a well-curated experience on a Tesla-inspired device, but also a series of campus events, dialogues, and competitions.

Aside from that, Infinix’s Xclub and campaigns will join the force to promote this collaboration and call for ideas and inventions that will shape the future of technology.