Complete Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 rumors

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 rumors are increasing with the announcement of the tablet imminent.

While the Galaxy Tab S7 will likely not pack as much excitement as the more advance Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, the tablet is still worth a look.

Like rumors for the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, the rumors about the Galaxy Tab S7 specifications are rather exciting.   Before you proceed, please note that this post will be updated from time to time when new rumours crop up.


First of all, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is said to be a 5G tablet with the tablet coming in two forms and probably a larger screen for one of its variant.

There’s a lot of rumors that suggest the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series will run on the Snapdragon 865 chipset.  It will be paired with 6GB RAM and will likely run Android 10.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 rumors

It is also said that the display will likely have a refresh rate of 120Hz with a 11-inch Super AMOLED screen.  This was said by tipster UniverseIce and later most likely confirmed as info on the tablet gets revealed on GeekBench.

SamMobile suggest that the Galaxy Tab S7 series will likely have at least least 8GB of RAM in addition to 128/256GB storage options. The site also expects a microSD card slot, dual rear cameras, AKG-tuned quad speakers with Dolby Atmos support, an in-display fingerprint sensor and 5G support.

Tech sources have confirmed the rumor so far with confirmed information by Bluetooth SIG listings that mentions the marketing name Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 along with the model number SM-T870.

The listing nonetheless confirms that the Galaxy Tab S7 will include support for Bluetooth 5.0.

Another certification image leaked by mysmartprice claims that the tablet will come with a Samsung Stylus Pen.  The pen is given the model number Samsung EJ-PT870 and will feature 40 channels which will be juiced up by a DC 2.75V power source.

The source claims that the stylus It will operate within the frequency range of 2402MHz to 2480MHz.

In addition, speculation say that the the Tab S7 will be juiced up by a 7,760 mAh battery.


Multiple tech sites have made claims that the tablet will likely debut in August 2020, but some have also claimed an early July 2020 release for the Tab S7.

Either way, we are just months away from both months, so the wait is getting closer.


So far there’s nothing about pricing of either the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

However, it goes without saying that the price should not be higher than the Apple iPad.

I’ll update this rumor mill when I get new updates so do stay tuned.