Apple Watch Series 7 review: Only good with an iPhone

This Apple Watch Series 7 review is made possible after I’ve used the smartwatch for a good three weeks.

There’s so much hype surrounding the latest smartwatch from Apple, so the question is if it’s really worth the money spent to buy one.

Here, in this Apple Watch Series 7 review, I will tell you what I think about the watch and if it’s worth your money.

Design and comfort

I know this is a matter of preference, but I do not like square shaped watches, which is the standard and trademark of Apple Watches.

However, since that is a matter of preference, I think some will love it.

Beyond that, I like the extra weight of the watch which makes it feel premium, and I like how the watch band (strap) is made out of quality material.

In terms of comfort, the smartwatch does offer that although knowing you have something worth over RM1,000 on my wrist does make me extra cautious about scratching it.

This is easily addressed with a screen protector which is cheaply available in the links below.

Usability and connectivity

If you own an iPhone, connecting and syncing the Apple Watch series 7 with your iPhone is so easy. I managed to do mine in minutes.

Like most Apple products, the Watch Series 7 and iPhone communicates so well with each other that every data that’s collected by the Watch Series 7 will immediately be available in the iPhone’s Health related apps.

This is something Android based watches do not have with some requiring you to manually sync each device to reveal the data collected.

In terms of data collection, the data collected by the Watch series 7 seems to be trustworthy with Apple making an effort to explain how each data is collected by the smartwatch.

These information is analysed well by Apple’s Health app, which in turn can show your health pattern and therefore detect abnormalities in heart rates, respiration, steps and more.

The smartwatch is also able to detect and notify contacts if a hard fall is detected, and if there’s a sudden abnormality you have pre-set in the watch.

Aside from that, the ability to install apps on the watch meant that I could increase its functions which include receiving calls, replying text messages and listening to music.

The only unfortunate thing about the Apple Watch series 7 is that most of these features don’t really work well if you are on Android, and the sleep data analysis is very basic if compared to what Android offers.

Watch faces

I think one of the great things about the Apple Watch series 7 is how the watch faces can be customized.

There’s not many watch faces to choose from, but each pattern available can be easily customized to my liking.

It would be nice if I could have more options, but the ability to customize the readily available designs in terms of colour already is a notch above any Android based smartwatch I have used.

Battery life

The battery life of the Apple series 7 is not great if compared to other Android based smartwatches.  With all functions turned on, it can only last for 24 hours, way below the four days battery life offered by the Honor GS3 offers.

If you turn off some functions like I did (I turned off the SpO2 reading and disabled notifications for several apps), I could stretch it to a day and a half.

Regardless, the smartwatch only needs an hour to be fully charged, so at least that’s great.


If you don’t own an iPhone, I think you should probably consider Android based smartwatches.

With an iPhone, one could get the most out of the Watch series 7, and based on my experience, it is impressive.

However, if you do, I think the Apple Watch series 7 is a good choice if you have RM1,749 (41mm variant) or RM1,899 (45mm) to spare.

Where to buy

The Apple Watch series 7 can be bought from official Apple retailers below.